We made our mission to make life simpler. Using technology as a tool.

We help you to digitally transform your business, to ensure that your business can keep pace with the speed of the Digital economy.

Digital Workplace Solutions

We are helping you to find the right solutions for your Business: internet, apps and mobile digital devices, cloud storage, cloud solutions and software to ensure that your businesscan keep pace with the speed of the Digital economy.

Cloud Computing wherever and whenever

Developing and migrating software projects to the Cloud is a core point in relation to business performance. We assist companies with extensive experience in Cloud solution migration and development, making transition easier.

Mobile Business

The world is mobile. There are nearly as many mobile phone subscriptions around the globe as inhabitants. Don not get left behind. Initiate or expand your mobile strategy to grab your share of this expanding market. And we can help.

Cross-industry custom software solutions

Our deep cross-industry expertise and in-depth understanding of business processes and information technology can help you to get a tailored software solution for your business that keeps you relevant and competitive.

Our Success

Is not derived only from numbers, but rather from years of experience and our unique ability to apply knowledge to solve complex business problems.






Software Product Development

Successful software products are built on a strategy that starts with a shared vision, then quickly aligns resources and time to market needs with the optimal use of existing and new technologies and methods.

Medical Software Solutions

We provide  access to a scalable technical industry know-how, having a background in creating innovative medical software. We ensure the technical solution that will provide you the security and scalability to effectively run your business.

Business Process Re-engineering

The scope of BPR is the improvement of the internal resources and the increase of the organization’s financial performance. We are constantly seeking to improve upon what is already been done. We listen to our customers’ desires. We give them the flexibility and power to stay out in front.

Insurance Software Solutions

We are the leading software solution provider for the Romanian insurance industry. We support more  brokers and insurers, and trade more products than any other supplier.
An unrivaled product range means brokers and advisors can be confident they have the right offering for their customers and the processing efficiency to keep the cost of transactions as low as possible.

Augmented Reality Apps

Bring another dimension to your business. Access business processes and information from a wearable device, and ultimately supercharge convenience and productivity. Empower employees to work hands-free using gestures and voice recognition to access information. Learn how AR can bring content and contextual awareness to mobile apps to transform business processes and improve efficiency.

Improve your business with IoT

Data is mission-critical to your business. Data can have different formats and comes from different sources and across different protocols. We are helping you to analyze and act on new data, to interconnect your processes, people, assets, and systems to create opportunities to innovate and transform your business.


Rapidly and economically build and maintain connected solutions that give your business an edge with smart products and stake out your sustained advantage.