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In order to thrive in today’s complex banking environment, financial institutions need to become digital enterprises, transforming their business with a focus on how customers want to engage with them. The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector is undergoing a rapid transformation today. The new digital nation represented by Gen Y prefer to use digital channels as their primary means of interacting with financial institutions and expect continuous customer engagement. These fast changing trends create tremendous challenges for Banks and Insurance companies to retain their market position and customer base.

Service offering

As your Digital Transformation Partner we can assist you by offering some robust solutions to enable Banks and Insurance Companies to successfully overcome outdated approaches and transform the traditional customer operations model into new Business models based on Digitization.

Provide a 360 degree view of an existing customer of a bank by capturing & analyzing Bank’s Internal Databases  (CRM, MDM, etc), integrates with Social Media data, click stream, credit rating and uses this integrated intelligence to Cross/Up sell products, acquire new customers and provide best customer experience.

Insurance solutions integrated with the Core Banking. Assurance offering across all Channels (Contact Center, ATM, Online, Mobile, Branch Applications).

We believe in Connected World, Connected Solution. Some of the key features of this solution are the security system, energy monitoring, room temperature monitoring, vibration detection for theft prevention, occupancy based light control, air-condition status monitoring, UPS and battery health monitoring and trouble ticketing management system for alert notification.

Life Is Hard has helped customers in various industries to help integrate to Payment Gateways, and offer collection services to their end customers on multiple payment instruments – traditional, cards acceptance to alternative payments like eWallets, Online banking, micropayments etc.

In auto insurance plans, premiums are calculated on industry averages and not on the actual usage of individual drivers or on the behaviour of the driver.

We have three variants to offer, OBD II device based solution, Blackbox based solution and Mobile app based solution.

Reinvent insurance with us

Evolve product and customer experience to increase sales
while reducing overhead and claims.