Continous Delivery and DevOps

//Continous Delivery and DevOps

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Business Challenge

Fast-moving competitors and disruptive new entrants, rapid change across all industries require businesses to accelerate software delivery. Improving the quality of their releases and the speed of implementation is another major challenge. All of this can challenge businesses to keep up with changes and challenges in their markets.

DevOps Overview

It may be assumed that “DevOps” combines development and operational responsibilities.  However, DevOps is not about combining traditional responsibilities into a single team. Rather, DevOps is a set of guiding principles and methodology which promotes software excellence throughout its SDLC lifecycle.

DevOps competency group Offer

Having a delivery-oriented mindset and acting as a strategy and implementation partner rather than an advisor, we offer a full range of services:

Advisory services: maturity assessment and roadmap; tool assessment; organizational change management

Implementation services; process modeling, solution map design and roll out; use case development; deployment of tools

Application delivery optimization as a service: a hosting service coupled with an opex offering for CA software licenses;  lower TCO by replacing COTS by open source software