Smart City Solutions

//Smart City Solutions

A Connected City of the Future

We have designed a package of solutions for a truly connected, safe and enjoyable to live in Smart City of the future. The applications are already implemented and currently actively promoted in pilot phase in two major cities of Romania with other cities to follow soon. We focused all our efforts in creating a truly smart ecosystem of connected solutions configurable for each need of an urban organization. Here at Life is Hard we are driven by the idea that connected communities are the key for a Smart City of the future and we reflected that concept in each of our products.


City Health

Smart real-time monitoring of the “health” of a city. The platform enables citizens to actively report and get notifications about different problems from within their city e.g. road conditions, broken illuminating systems, not functional traffic lights, waste disposal etc.

Citizens can upvote reported problems that affect them in their daily activities, such that the local authorities can prioritize the solving of the most important urban issues according to their needs.The platform can be personalized to cover the needs of each community.

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City Parking

Finding a parking spot in the city is usually a true nightmare for any driver. Our smart parking assistant app will make sure to inform and guide any driver to the nearest parking location. A special feature was designed for helping also people with disabilities to find a designated parking space nearby.

City Parking is available as a separate application or part of the urban management platform City Suite. Its main scope is helping citizens earn themselves valuable time and contribute to an improved urban experience.

City Alert

Real-time notification system for the citizens of an urban area, which can be easily made up to date with the latests events that might disturb their daily activities in any way ( e.g. road maintenance work, public manifestations, traffic restrictions), but also more serious situations like extreme weather emergencies or security related threats. 

The platform consists of two mobile apps free to use for citizens and one control panel for the local authorities. City Alert is available as a separate application or part of the urban management platform City Suite. 

Case Study: Alba Iulia Smart City 2018

Our package of Smart City solutions is currently implemented in a pilot phase in the city of Alba Iulia as part of their Smart City 2018 initiative.

  • Location: Alba Iulia, jud. Alba, Romania
  • Population: over 74,000 inhabitants
  • Project Duration: 2017 – 2019
  • No. of Implemented Solutions: four
  • Addressed Urban Challenges:
  1. Citizen Involvement”: People can report different issues, upvoting for expediting their resolving and offer feedback regarding the applied solutions. Through transparent likes and dislikes the local authorities can have a better overview about people’s opinion on a certain subject of interest. We enable a co-creation ecosystem, in which citizens, local companies and the municipality work together through the help of technology directly from their desktops or mobile phones. Our target consists in engaging users on the platform and step by step creating connected communities, sharing and being actively involved in the well being of their city.
  2. Quality of Life Improvement”:  Through the deployment of a network of environmental sensors in key points throughout the city, we offer real-time information about different measurements such as traffic level, pollution, green areas, tranquil spaces, parking locations etc.
  3. Smart Administration”: the platform is aimed at supporting the local administration in dealing with urban challenges and engage citizens in the solving process. Through citizen involvement, detailed descriptions, pictures, feedback, opinions are collected, modelled and stored in data sets used in pattern recognition and data mining for extracting valuable knowledge for the city and ultimately for each citizen.
  4. Data Visualization”: We enable complete transparency and allow each citizen to get access to activity reports, number of emergency situations, interventions,  information about quality of life in their city, employment, family support, population growth etc. , all presented graphically in an easy to understand manner.

The project will continue to be developed, maintained, improved and enhanced in the initial location long after the end of the experimentation phase, as part of the Alba Iulia Smart City initiative until March 2019 and beyond.

All results gathered throughout the pilot phase will be detailed in reports and exploited with the scope of improving and enlarging our Smart City solutions package and creating valuable smart cities strategies to be applied in any other location of the world.